Each individual has his or her own preferences when choosing the right place to stay. People’s choices on where to stay depend on many factors such as the size of their family, the nature of their work, the overall security in the area and a lot more. A place that might be perfect for someone may not be acceptable for the other because people have different lives to live every day.

In the Metro where life is fast-paced, condo-living is popular. It may not fit everyone, but take time to check out whether condo-living is for you by taking into consideration the following PROS and CONS.

The Pros

Location: Most condominiums can be found in strategic locations, situated in a business district in the city. Staying within the are gives you the convenience of easy access to and from work or school, which can save you from the stress of traffic and commuting. It can also save your precious time, energy and resources as well. Not to mentions, malls, restaurants, bars and parks are nearby, which are an added bonus of living in a condo.

Amenities:  Condominiums usually offer amenities for relaxation and entertainment such as swimming pool, sports gym, health spa, café, to name a few. These are an enticing feature of a condo as you cannot have all of these on your own.

Security: The added layer of security is one feature of condo-living that is truly beneficial. Outsiders are not allowed easy access, without passing the main lobby security first. Entry and exit points are guarded and there are CCTV’s installed in common areas and hallways. These are extra protection to make occupants feel more peaceful and secured.

Maintenance: Living in a condo won’t require you to get outside electricians and plumbers should you need repairs. Just pick-up the phone and help will come. You also don’t have a garden to keep, nor pool and walkways to clean-up. There are housekeeping and building maintenance staff that will take care of any repair. This perk is be perfect for baby boomers who can no longer perform such work on their own and also for busy people whose day is always occupied with making a living ng living life to its fullest.

While there are a lot of obvious advantages, condo-living carries disadvantages as well. Here are the Cons:

Cost of Ownership: Condominiums are strategically located, which means that the cost to own a unit is higher too, as compared to getting a single-detached house of the same size outside the city. You also don’t get to own a land here, you only own a space so if you have a car, a parking area is an additional cost. If you want to figure out the cost of owning a condo, you can use this mortgage calculator to quickly have an idea of your monthly mortgage.

Monthly Dues: Condo-living offers a “less maintenance” set-up, but this comes with a price. These “conveniences” are paid monthly, whether you get to enjoy them much or not. Condo monthly dues is quite high, as all occupants have to share with the building maintenance cost and some operational expenses for the amenities.

Privacy: Knowing that your neighbors is just a wall or a floor away, you don’t have absolute privacy in condo-living. You also share the facilities and common area with other owners or tenants.

Restrictions: Condo living is very far from living in your own home and space where you can do anything and everything you want. If you choose to live in a condominium, there are plenty of rules to obey. In most cases, pets are not allowed and visitors are limited, by the number and by the time. Anything that might disturb your co-occupants, aren’t allowed.

It is true that you can’t have the best of both worlds. This also applies when choosing the right place to live, therefore you have to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages it gives. The Pros must outweigh the Cons so you can feel utmost satisfaction with your final choice. Just remember before you

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