If you own one or more rental properties, you know how much work goes into finding the right tenants and maintaining the properties themselves. Many landlords turn to property managers to help them manage the workload. Here is what you can expect if you decide to work with a property manager Casselberry FL.

Screening Potential Tenants

Finding the right tenant to move into your rental is a time-consuming task. There are applications to collect, incomes to verify, references to contact, and background checks to complete. Factor in multiple applications for a single unit and you’re looking at hours or even days of work. A property manager can do this for you. He or she will accept and verify applications, show units to potential tenants, and handle things such as pre-move-in walkthroughs and providing new tenants with keys.

Setting and Collecting Rent

Determining how much to charge a tenant and ensuring you receive rent on time each month can be quite overwhelming, especially if you are a new landlord. A property manager keeps track of current rent prices in the neighborhood and creates competitive price points to draw in potential tenants. He or she also sets a monthly collection date, determines late fees, and enforces all payment policies each month.

Maintaining the Properties

Part of your responsibility as a landlord is to maintain the rental units, including the surrounding property. Repairing doors and windows, calling plumbers, and keeping a well-landscaped lawn is at least a full-time job by itself. Leave it to a property manager! He or she can maintain a list of plumbers, HVAC technicians, landscapers, and other crew members, schedule them as needed, and ensure they are paid in full and on time for their work.

Trying to do everything yourself is likely to leave you frazzled and your tenants less than satisfied with their living situations. Ease your own stress and keep good tenants happy by hiring a professional property management company to help you keep your rentals in tip-top shape.


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