After some years of stable and balanced growth, the real estate industry is showing signs of another decline: an oversupply of available houses, stagnating prices, as well as more properties staying too long on the market are some of the signs that people are shifting drastically in a buyer’s market.

If you are a real estate agent who has several listings and has been working for days, weeks, or months to get your listings sold, this article is for you. After weeks or months with no significant outcome, there is a good chance that a lot of sellers will start calling you.

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Why can’t they sell their properties? What are sellers doing to market their products? What else are sellers planning to do to make their sales? We want to share a couple of practical ideas and practices that have helped a lot of firms and professionals get their listings sold. Hopefully, these tips can help people, whether they need to revive an old listing or they need to convince new sellers why they need to list their real estate with reputable professionals or companies.

People need to start marketing their real estate the moment they sign the listing agreement

Once people have got a contract, as well as a secured their position, it is time to start the process.

Use social media to the fullest

Share short previews of the new listing across all the social media platforms. A lot of experts apply this technique in their property flips, posting regular updates on the progress of their renovation on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

These pages are ideal for sharing property photos. Real estate agents need to make sure that they always tag the neighborhood, the location, and a combination of other important keywords, as well as using essential and relevant hashtags.

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Let fellow real estate agents know

If the firm offers an intranet for real estate agents to communicate, professionals can post a sneak peek of their listings with the price and address for their fellow agents to see. There is a good chance they might be already talking with buyers looking to buy a property in the neighborhood.

Do not dismiss the good old and reliable realtor sign

Put up a realtor sale sign as you start to stay away from the listing consultation. Make sure to add a “coming soon” sign, and make sure that the contact numbers and addresses are prominently shown. People passing through the neighborhood will know that the property is on sale soon, and they will have a chance to contact the agent for more information. Individuals can also be creative with their signs to make them stand out.

Stage the property to make it stand out

In the past, when houses were selling like pancakes, there is good chance sellers are reluctant to consider staging their properties for sale, as it can be an upfront investment. But when other realtors are fierce, can agents really afford not to stage and let an empty house sits on the market for weeks, months, even years?

Are billboards with messages like, “Do you need to sell your house in Oakland Park?” enough to attract people’s attention? From the moment buyers discover the house for sale on the Internet to the time they walk inside the property during the open house, home staging can provide tons of benefits such as:

Creates an excellent first impression, especially in professional photos

Highlights the best features of properties, as well as help hide its shortcomings

Allows visiting buyers to connect with the house on an emotional level, as well as imagine themselves living in it

On a practical level, the presence of good and quality furniture allows realtors and buyers to sit down and talk about business and remain on the house longer. A lot of professionals started staging their flips and quickly proved to be an excellent strategy.

They have sold houses within as little as six days or at over the seller’s asking price, while similar homes sat on the market for at least three months, forced to reduce their asking price over and over. Today, professionals stage every one of their flips and recommend staging to all their clients. A lot of realtors started offering home staging services, and the result has been a staggering success.

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