If asked, almost every one of us would like to settle into comfortable, friendly, and home-like surroundings after retirement. Retirement communities in Central Florida ensure that the changing needs of the elderly are met as their care requirements increase, without them needing to depend on family members. This concept of unique residential arrangement is gaining popularity across the globe.

What are retirement communities?

Continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) are a single campus that caters to the care options for financially secure seniors. The goal of these communities is to provide a full “continuum of care” for residents so that they won’t have to make disruptive moves from one facility to another as their needs keep changing.

The CCRC may comprise an independent living area that may consist of rental units, condominiums, or cooperative housing units. The senior citizens have the luxury of living in the same house or apartment while living independently or in assisted living. Whenever he/she requires skilled nursing care or memory care, all that’s needed is to make a short move to a different part of the building or campus.

What services do continuing care retirement communities offer?

One of the key attractions to these establishments is the wide range of healthcare and supportive services provided. They may include:

  • Skilled nursing care
  • Physical care
  • Social work
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Assistance with daily activities
  • Amenities
  • Housing and laundry services
  • An onsite pharmacy
  • Rehabilitative services like physical and occupational therapy

There are contracts in place that guarantee care and housing for the seniors for the remainder of their lives.

Most CCRCs aim to go above and beyond the basics to offer a higher degree of comfort and an even wider selection of daily activities. Within these communities, residents are likely to find a full range of social and physical activities and amenities such as swimming pools, art studios, and golf.

What are the requirements for moving into a CCRC?

Before moving into a CCRC, the seniors are required to fill out an application with information regarding their health as well as financial status.

The potential residents have to undergo a comprehensive assessment to determine the level of care they need and the type of services that are best for them after they’ve moved in. The level of care that’s needed greatly determines the cost of the stay.

Generally, a significant down payment has to be made before the seniors move in. For an additional fee, the seniors may have access to more specialized services if they wish to.


As previously mentioned, the major selling point for CCRCs is that the residents settle into an accommodating environment and maintain their normal and independent routines for as long as they stay there. The residents enjoy many of the amenities and freedoms of living in a private home without any concerns regarding property maintenance, personal safety, loneliness, and isolation.

It’s advisable that either the senior citizens or their families get an attorney or an accountant to review the contracts before signing even if they feel confident that they understand all the terms.

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