Anyone planning a trade career must undertake proper education and training before getting licensed to work. Connecticut does not issue a general contractor license. Instead, a Connecticut contractor license depends upon the specific type of work you will be doing and may consist of one of the following categories.

New Home

A contractor planning to work on new home construction must submit a contractor application as a sole proprietor or a business entity to the Department of Consumer Protection. The application requires a notary’s signature and an application fee.

Home Improvement

This category involves making permanent changes to residential properties, including swimming pool installations, landscaping, house painting and driveway extensions. The application for a home improvement contractor’s license is the same as for a new home contractor license.

Major Contractor

Getting a major contractor’s license in Connecticut is more complicated than getting other contractor licenses. Major contractors can work on residential, commercial, and institutional projects. The licensing process also includes an application to the Department of Consumer Protection.

Applicants must also submit proof of liability coverage, information describing the entity under which they will do business, a description of contracting work performed during the previous five years and references from clients, financial institutions and suppliers. Major contractors must also register with the Department of Revenue Services.


Connecticut does not require applicants to pass an exam before acquiring a contractor license unless they plan to perform specialized work, as electricians, plumbers and HVAC technicians. Still, all contractors should ensure that they have a thorough understanding of building codes and permit requirements, environmental and safety issues, and client management, including contracts and payment.

Getting a contractor license in Connecticut can be daunting compared with getting one in other states, but choosing a specialty as soon as possible can help save valuable time getting your business off the ground.

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