Bangkok, the heart of Thailand, is known as a vibrant capital city that welcomes millions of visitors from all over the world. In Thailand, it’s the largest city that is home to many cultures and the most developed. If you are looking to experience the world-renowned floating market, skyscrapers, or grand bars, Bangkok is the place to visit. Due to this, it’s clear as to why there are growing infrastructures and upsurge of investors in this marvelous city. Millennium residence condos will offer comfort and quality, high ceilings, spacious interiors, large windows that offer swimming pool or lake views, skyline, and the quietness and peace of a relaxed lifestyle that we all crave. Millennium residences in Bangkok are at the center of world-class restaurants, Prime A office space, department stores, and luxury hotels. Expect the following before renting out a condo in Bangkok:

Extra cost during the rental period

The renter has the responsibility to pay for electricity and water bill. Cable TV and WiFi are the additional services that may be required by the renter, therefore, they may pay for this as well. Finally, though not common, a renter may be expected to service the air-con during the summer season or in the middle of the rental term. It’s the landlord’s responsibility for building insurance fees and common area fees, not the renter. Any renter should note that the monthly rental is exclusive of utilities.

Leases terms and rental rates

The standard rental period is 12 months or more, even though the rental properties in Bangkok have their monthly rates advertised. You can find rental properties for shorter terms (i.e. 5-6 months) but this is up to the discretion of the landlord. Consider renting an apartment for periods shorter than 3-4 months. In most Millenium residence condos in central Bangkok, the condos are fully furnished however, general kitchenware, linens, and beddings are usually not provided.

Pet-friendly accommodation options

It can be notoriously difficult to find pet-friendly accommodation in central Bangkok. There are strict rules in place against pet-keeping, therefore, if a tenant is found to be secretly keeping a pet the building management may pressurize the landlord to terminate the lease agreement. Renting a ‘pet-friendly condo’ or renting a house where the landlord has given their consent to keep pets is the only option for renters with pets.

Property agencies for property search

It’s common to engage the services of a property agent to find a rental condo in Bangkok. They can assist in negotiating for better rental rates as they have expertise in this area. Their services include: assisting in checking in and out of the property, sourcing properties, and organizing viewings, assisting in the negotiation, in some cases they can involve the property management to liaison with the landlord during the rental period if the landlord can’t speak in English, and preparing inventory lists, supporting photo inventories, and lease agreements. There are no finder’s fees or contract drafting fees to be paid as the property agent’s fees are paid by the landlord.

Property management during the tenancy

Every renter needs to know who will be responsible for maintenance and repairs costs in case there are issues with the property. It’s the tenant’s responsibility to pay for small issues that pop up during the rental term that have been caused by ordinary wear and tear. Such minor issues include; air-con cleaning, popped light bulbs, repairs of broken fittings (i.e. towel rails), or stained curtains. Major issues that affect the tenant’s enjoyment of peace and luxury of the property are the landlord’s responsibility. Such issues include; shower heater malfunction, breakdown of white electronic appliances (i.e. washing machines or fridges), or leaking water pipes. The maintenance staff is stationed at the condo to help with minor repairs. Pop by the condo management office and explain the issue and you will have a technician ready and available to assist. It’s fair to say that living in Bangkok is extremely luxurious and convenient.

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