A leaky sewage pipe is not just an annoyance – you need to fix it immediately or otherwise, prepare to repair costly damages.  As unlikely as it may seem, but even a small leak in a pipe can cause heaps of costly damage if it’s not fixed promptly. Flooded areas can damage different parts of your house.

What Can a Burst Sewage Pipe Do?

To give you an idea about it, here are the damages a burst pipe can do and how you can prevent them.

Damage Your House

Even small leaks in your plumbing system can cause significant damages to your house. Leaks can immediately turn into a problem that’s costly to repair.

Having leaks can ruin your house’s foundation and flooring. Leaks from the sewage pipes can wash away the soil supporting the drain system. This will undermine your drain pipes and cause sags or separations.

Fortunately, you can easily avoid those problems. Just check your pipes regularly. Even if you only see a small leak, be sure to repair it as soon as possible.  It’s best to get assistance from a professional plumber when checking your pipes. A professional plumber can tell if your pipes need cleaning or if you need to replace them right away.

Hiring a professional plumber is a cost-effective decision in the long run. It assures you that there won’t be recurring problems in your sewage. Find a reliable emergency local Sydney plumber by Google Search or ask your group of  trusted friends if they could recommend a qualified plumbing company located near your neighbourhood.

Also, never hesitate to call a professional plumber if there’s a foul smell coming from underneath your house. A foul smell indicates that there’s already something wrong with your sewage. Get rid of the foul smell from burst sewage as quickly as possible. Exposure to raw sewage might result in several illnesses.

Raw Sewage Brings Health Threats

Broken sewage pipes can release methane into your home. Methane can be poisonous if it’s inhaled. So it’s important to fix leaking sewage pipes immediately.

Also, sewage pipes contain harmful bacteria that can bring serious illnesses. Bacteria such as salmonella or pinworms only need a slight leak in your pipes to enter your house.

Contracting Salmonella can cause a range of illnesses, including typhoid fever and gastroenteritis. Some people with Salmonella infections feel joint pain that can last for months or years. This symptom can become chronic arthritis if not treated immediately.

In case you got a disease from the leaking sewage, consider staying out of your house for a while. Fixing the leaking pipe isn’t enough because you need to get rid of the foul smell as well.

Cleaning the House After Pipe Leaks

Let’s say you got clearance from your doctor. Don’t return to your house just yet.

It’s best to free the house from toxins. Hire someone or a cleaning company to disinfect and remove the bad smell on your home. Doing so prevents you from contracting the bacteria again.

But if you haven’t contracted any disease, you can consider cleaning the house by yourself. Here are some tips to help you remove the foul smell from your home.

  1. Open all doors and windows. Doing this can help in providing better air circulation and ventilation to let the foul smell out of the house.
  2. Inspect the house and remove mold or mildew that you see because they can produce bad odors too. Use undiluted vinegar in removing molds to get rid of the bad smell they emit.
  3. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove moisture on carpets. The materials used on most carpets can trap moisture that helps mold and mildew to grow and create a musty odor.

Final Thoughts

Burst sewage pipes aren’t only harmful to your house’s structure. They can also affect your health. So make sure to fix leaking sewage pipes right away to avoid possible problems like the ones we discussed in this blog post.

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