The modern consumer shops for products and services in a much different way than they did only a few years ago. Quality and price are no longer the primary drivers for most purchasers. Instead, people are interested in the overall buying experience.

This article will highlight five things to consider when creating an excellent buyer experience. From the ads people see to their interaction with your sales team or website, we’ll explore the journey a customer takes and create an experience that directs them to make a purchase that makes them feel good.

  1. Good Product Design Leads to a Positive Buyer Experience

We’re not talking about how a product looks, although aesthetics are essential for capturing the customer’s eye. Good product design involves how an item works, the solutions it provides, and how the design fits into the buyer’s lifestyle.

Focus on the features and benefits the design itself provides. Lighter weight materials make an item easy to carry. A smaller size makes it easier to store.

Using sustainable processes in manufacturing reduces environmental costs and irresponsibly reduces likelihood of disposal. All of these design elements go a long way in creating a positive buyer experience.

  1. Use a Buyer Utility Map to Skate Where the Puck Is Going

Wayne Gretzky is famous for saying his success is based on skating where the puck was going, not where the puck is. Companies who want to create an excepting buyer experience should follow Wayne’s advice. Using a buyer utility map helps you identify your customer’s needs and expectations, and more importantly, where your competition is missing opportunities.

  1. Create a Better Experience Across Vertical Markets

People buy goods and services across a wide range of industries. One of the industries that specialize in creating a positive buying experience is residential real estate.

Part of the buyer experience for prospective homeowners involves how a house is staged. Staging is the process a realtor goes through to make the home look more attractive to buyers. While realtors have experts who manage the staging process, staging may seem foreign if you’re selling your own home.

Check out this article for some tips and tricks to stage your own home to create a positive buyer experience.

  1. Give People a Reason to Keep Shopping

E-commerce companies track a metric called abandonment rate. This is the number of people who begin a purchase but later abandon shopping carts on a website. This happens for a lot of different reasons, but the key is to get them back.

Use retargeting and remarketing ad tools on your website to track the user after they’ve left your website. Display ads across multiple ad networks like Google or Facebook with images and information about the products they placed in their cart but never completed the transaction.

Using remarketing tactics can reduce cart abandonment. If you can reduce it by as little as 10%, you can increase online sales by 20%.

  1. Understand Your Buyers

Research suggests more than 80% of B2B buyers are researching companies before making a purchase. The number one thing they are looking for is a great buying experience – from a simple online transaction to ongoing support once the sales are complete.

Focus on how you can create an experience that evokes trust in the purchasing experience and addresses your core customers’ unique needs.

A Better Purchasing Experience Creates a Better Selling Experience

Focusing on the customer’s needs, how they prefer to buy products and services, and designing the product you sell is key to creating an excellent buyer experience. Utilize buyer utility maps to identify opportunities your competition is missing. And research to understand what matters most to your customers.

Bring back customers who abandoned the buying process with remarketing advertising. It’s easier to bring a customer back than it is to secure a new one. Above all, make it easy for prospective buyers to learn more about you, your products, and your support after the sale is complete.

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