Technological innovations paved the way for a lot of processes to be made more seamless and convenient. Even the plumbing industry has benefited from state-of-the-art technology that is now available in this modern day and age. The advancements in modern technology paved the way for trenchless plumbing and below are some of the things that you need to know about it.

How Trenchless Technology Works

To accomplish trenchless plumbing, seasoned contractors in the Inner West of Sydney will still need to dig a small hole down to the level of the pipe. From there, they need to cut across in a horizontal manner until they are able to make contact with the system. Tools and cameras are then sent to inspect the pipes, allowing a plumber or a technician to inspect the system from the surface.

If a new pipe needs to be installed, a bursting head will be sent to cut into the pipe to clear the way for the installation. The same bursting head is then used to set a new pipe in place. The seasoned experts in plumbing Croydon Park residents rely on suggest that you consider plumbing contractors who are skilled and knowledgeable in this kind of technology. In doing so, any pipe replacement or plumbing work that you need to be done will be accomplished without the risk of major damage to your property.

Where Trenchless Technology is Applicable

  • Pipe Lining

Trenchless technology is applicable for pipelining or sewer repair works, involving minimal digging. This means that excavators are no longer necessary because a simple auger or pick mattock is sufficient to do the job. From the pit that has been made, a sewer line can then be easily inspected and replaced. The process is usually done with the help of hydraulics to move towards the damaged location.

  • Pipe Bursting

When it comes to pipe bursting works, a pipeline can be replaced without the need to dig the ground. As soon as a small diameter pit is made, the pipeline can already be reached effortlessly. From there, a replacement pipe is carried over to the damaged area through the assistance of hydraulics. The only difference is that after the replacement pipe is already inside the damaged one, a pipe burster is introduced to shutter the old one. Then, the replacement pipe is connected to the mainline.

  • Fresh Installation

Trenchless technology is not only applicable to replacing damaged pipes. Rather, it is also effective in installing new pipelines. This will most likely minimise the cost of installation as no heavy digging is involved. Rather, a simple horizontal directional hole is sufficient in carrying the pipes across the lines.

Benefits of Trenchless Technology

Contractors in Croydon Park who have the capability to implement trenchless technology in servicing their clients provide various benefits. Because minimal digging is involved, a significant amount of time is saved. Likewise, the cost of pipe repairs and replacement is also largely minimised. There is also less clutter and mess to organise and clean after the work is finished because the process involves minimal digging.

Trenchless technology is also a more environmentally friendly way to conduct necessary plumbing works as trees rooted on the surface no longer need to be uprooted and moved. The best part is that you are sure that the quality of work done through trenchless technology is long-lasting.

Trenchless technology is a combination of modern innovations with tested plumbing processes. Through this, people have the opportunity to have their pipes serviced and maintained without having to incur damage on their property because of digging. As a result, the aesthetic appeal of their property is preserved, while ensuring that their day-to-day activities are not disrupted.

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