Owning a home brings a whole new set of responsibilities. Among those are several maintenance tasks. Whether you prefer to hire someone or try your hand at DIY projects, be sure to schedule these four tasks that often get overlooked.

  1. Inspect Your Roof

The roof is one of the most critical components of keeping your home safe and secure. Yet, it is also easy to overlook if there isn’t an obvious problem. Doing that is a big mistake. An annual roof inspection can spot early signs of a problem before they require a major repair or, worse, a whole new roof to be installed.

  1. Inspect the Septic System 

Unless your house is connected to a public wastewater system, you probably have a septic tank. This accepts all of the wastewater from the house and separates the liquids and solids. While the water filters into the surrounding soil, solids are contained within the tank system. They will need to be removed periodically to keep the septic system functioning properly. If you don’t know the last time that was done, now is a good time to schedule septic cleaning Woodstock for a fresh start.

  1. Check the Indoor Air Quality

Do you know what your family is breathing inside your home? Although most people assume the air inside is safe, most have never actually had an air quality test performed. You can purchase a DIY kit to check for specific contaminants or hire a professional to run a comprehensive screen. Either way, you’ll breathe easier knowing exactly what is in the air.

  1. Change Appliance Filters

Many modern appliances and HVAC systems have filters that need to be changed periodically. These include air purifiers, refrigerators and water filtration systems. If it’s been a while since you’ve changed them, order a replacement filter and swap them out. Then add them to your regular home maintenance schedule so you don’t fall behind again.

Taking care of regular maintenance like changing filters and having the septic system pumped helps your home function more efficiently.



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