Homeowners may be excited when they begin plans for their remodeling projects, but that excitement can quickly diminish when their budget explodes. Sky-rocketing costs, undiscovered problems, and bigger purchases can quickly break the bank. So, rather than let renovation issues send your makeover plans hurtling apart as you run out of money, try these simple tips.

  1. Simple Light

Yes, light and windows go together like peanut butter and jelly. However, windows are not the only source of light you should consider when you remodel your bathroom and kitchen. Cutting a hole in your home to install the glass pane can be a costly adventure. Instead, consider ceiling light tubes and under-counter illumination for less expensive lighting designs.

  1. Maximum Use

There are dozens of ways you can utilize space in your home without adding rooms or tearing down walls. Your drywall and stucco contractor Scottsdale AZ can create wall-depth shelves or narrow drawers in your home’s walls for extra storage, especially in the kitchen. Additional shelves can also be added to closets. Why not include a shelf above the bathroom door or over the garage window? If you have appliances in your garage, add shelves above them, too.

  1. Used Items

When possible, look into using salvaged items from home stores. For example, a damaged ceiling-to-floor cabinet can cost hundreds of dollars less than a new one. You may also find scratch-and-dented doors, appliances, and furniture items at the salvage area of a big-box store. Before you purchase the items, check with your contractor to make sure the team is willing to install used goods.

Although the three tips above sound minor, they work. So, if you want to stay within your budget during a home remodel project, remember to use alternative methods of light, think about installing storage, and use salvaged items when possible. Your budget will be glad you did.


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