Many wonderful cities enjoy droves of tourists when summer comes, while the visitors stay away during the cold season when the snow falls. In Quebec City though, it seems as if there are more people here during the winter. That’s because during these cold times, somehow Quebec City becomes an even livelier place with unique events and activities that you can’t enjoy when it’s not winter. That’s probably why so many Quebec City condos for sale are snapped up even during the cold winter months.

So if you’re her in Quebec City when the snows fall, here are some activities to look forward to:

Stay in the Ice Hotel

Quebec City has the Hotel de Glace, and it’s one of the very few ice hotels in the world. It’s located about 10 minutes from the city. Every year the builders create the hotel from scratch, and they tend to have a different theme each time. You have 44 rooms to choose from, and the rooms have captivating neon lights and fascinating ice carvings as part of the décor.

Get on the Toboggan Ride

Some kids enjoy a short toboggan slide from a low hill, but in Quebec City the toboggan rides are something that will exhilarate adults. That’s because there’s a toboggan slide that goes right to the city.

Tickets only cost $3 each, with groups of 4 people paying only $10. You may even enjoy packages that hot chocolate and taffy.

You and your group go up the ramp and then you wait for the operator to release the latch. The angle and length of the toboggan slide will let you reach speeds of up to 70 kph. That’s cool enough in a car, but in an open toboggan that’s undeniably exciting.

Go Skiing at Night

It shouldn’t be surprising that being in a Canadian city you have skiing opportunities in Quebec City. The city actually has 4 different ski resorts readily accessible to the people there. But Stoneham Mountain Resort is special, as it’s the biggest night skiing area in Canada.

Visit the Siberia Station Spa

A spa is obviously best enjoyed in the winter, hence the popularity of the Siberia Station Spa during the cold months. You have a forest of pine trees framing numerous hot tubs along with an infrared sauna and a Finnish fauna.

Some places here are great for just relaxing, with fireplaces burning wood along with igloos and yurts with hammocks. Sometimes you just want to stay still and relax, and this is where you ought to go during the winter.

Try the Taffy

More specifically, you need to get a taste of the maple taffy that’s sweet as sugar. What’s more, you can get into the process of making your syrup lollipop before you get to enjoy the taste.

In March and April, you’ll have no trouble finding one of the many Maple Sugar Shacks in the City. You should visit the Winter Carnival too for their taffy treats.

Winter Carnival

It’s not just for the taffy that you should visit the Winter Carnival (aka Carnaval de Quebec). This is a yearly event with rides and activities for entire families and numerous street parties. You also have huge snow sculptures, including Bonhomme the 7-foot snowman.

There’s also a canoe race and a fun night parade, or you can take a snow bath.

Go Ice Fishing Downtown

This is one of those activities that’s “only in Quebec”. The city harbour freezes during the winter, and then people can go ice fishing or skating. You have igloos along the ice or you can go fishing in the middle of Village Nordik. If you catch a fish, you can then bring it to the nearby Le Marché du Vieux-Port. They’ll prepare your fish and serve it with a side of wild rice, salad, vegetables, or quinoa.