If you are planning to buy a villa, your primary concern might be the cost. Villas are generally expensive so that you will spend a lot of money on the property along with taxes and other charges. There are ways to reduce the cost. Your choice when it comes to the number of bedrooms, location, and other factors will affect the overall value. There are aspects that you can sacrifice, while others might be non-negotiable.


You need to have at least one bedroom in a villa. Beyond that, it is already a luxury. You can settle for a villa with only one bedroom especially if you don’t have a huge family. You can have one more if you are planning to invite guests to come over. Villas generally have spacious bedrooms so that you can have more than one mattress in a bedroom. If you settle for just a single bedroom villa, the cost could be lower.


This factor depends on your preference. If having a beautiful view matters a lot to you, the position is non-negotiable. You need to choose a villa which is in the best possible location. Sea views are perfect, as are villas that are overlooking the countryside and towns. However, if you don’t care much about the view, there are still magnificent villas you can buy. You will not spend a considerable amount of money on these villas since they are not in prime locations.


This facility is usually non-negotiable. One of the reasons why you buy a villa is because of its kitchen. You spend your time cooking when you are on holiday. It must be not only a simple kitchen, but one with excellent facilities and equipment. If the villa cannot offer a high-quality kitchen, look for other choices.


For most villa owners, it does not matter if the location is accessible. The most desirable villas are in secluded areas. Owners are after privacy rather than accessibility. Besides, when you are travelling to a secluded villa, you bring everything you need with you. Getting there, you will be driving. Therefore, if you need to visit a hospital or other key places, there is no need to worry. You have a vehicle you can use.


It is also non-negotiable. You want a safe and secure villa. The location must be good enough regarding safety, and the neighbourhood must be secure. Otherwise, even if the property looks good, it won’t be worth it. You also need to find out if there are security guards in the area, and security cameras to monitor the people going in and out. You can’t afford to risk your safety especially if the villa is in quite a remote area.

In the end, you will decide what matters most to you. There are aspects you can sacrifice in exchange for a low cost, but there are aspects you should not sacrifice at all, even if it means you have to pay more. Find the best villas at www.watkinswilson.com.