Last year, Covid-19 made people aware of the vulnerability of living in a rented apartment. So many people suddenly found themselves homeless because they were unable to pay the rent before the due date. In America, different states have specific laws in place for renting. Continue reading this article to know more about your rights as a tenant in Texas.

Peace And Quiet: Don’t you hate it when your neighbours are just extra loud? It is tough to maintain a sense of calm if your external surrounding is chaotic all the time. Home is where you can let your guards down and be at peace with your thoughts. Therefore, as a tenant, you have the full right to Quiet enjoyment. A landlord cannot disturb the peace of tenants unnecessarily. If other tenants in the building disturb your peace, you may report it to the landlord, who must take action accordingly. A landlord cannot barge into your home or interrupt your living arrangement unless it is an emergency.

Health & Safety: The landlord must ensure the physical safety of his tenants. Would you like to live in a home that is a safety hazard? The answer is No. Therefore, the landlord must make sure that the tenants are living in a safe environment. He must do the basic renovation before renting his apartment. A tenant can go to justice court without an attorney forcing his landlord to make a necessary home renovation to ensure physical safety. However, such renovation costs cannot exceed $10,000, and a landlord might not be liable to repair problems caused by the tenants or their guests.

  • Before signing the lease contract, check out the physical condition of the apartment you are to pay. If you find safety issues that you should not compromise, be vocal about your requirements. It is better to speak your mind clearly before putting a large sum of money as a deposit.
  • It is imperative to build a relationship with your landlord. You need to be able to communicate to the person freely without holding back. For example, if your rented apartment does not have a smoke detector, talk to your landlord about it. A smoke detector ensures physical safety; therefore, if the smoke detector is broken or missing, tell your landlord directly about the problem.

Security Devices: You need to feel secure in your own home, and the landlord must pay for the security; it is that simple. According to Texas Property Law, code chapter 92, a dwelling must be equipped with security devices, including window latches, sliding door pin locks, security bars, door viewers, keyed deadbolts, and more. If you are a family person, you are ever worried about the security of your family. You want your little kids to grow up in a safe environment. That is why; many people in Texas rely on Wan Bridge Group when it comes to finding the perfect rented place for them. Be sure to go through the contract in detail before signing the lease.


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