Finding a place to stay for the evening is a part of the fun in vacationing. The experience of your shelter contributes to how good or bad the trip was. You will always remember a hotel experience that really made an impression. The types of rentals you might check out for a vacation include a standard hotel room, a hotel suite, or a vacation home.

A Standard Hotel

Standard hotels include several accommodations from morning breakfast to warm pools to daily cleaning services. They are great for business trips or short vacations where you will spend very little time in the room. New couples or singles that just need a place to lay their head at night after a full day of fun on the outside might benefit most from a standard room. It tends to cost much less than other types of rooms, and it’s also a type of room that is more common for mini vacations.

A Hotel Suite

Suites are great for families that need to stay close together. If you’re traveling with a couple of children or more, you probably want a suite to be able to have privacy, yet still be connected. The cool thing about suites is the rooms are usually joined together. If you book a really nice place, you might even get a small kitchen. Most hotel kitchens only consist of a small cooktop and a microwave. Some of them do not have the cooktop, just counter space, a kitchen sink and a microwave. Hotel suites are great for long stays and they are also beneficial for temporary home living.

A Vacation Home

I’ve rented a villa before. What I can say is the experience is a home away from home type feel. There is a master bedroom and several other rooms for guests. It was a group of about 6 adults and many children that took our trip out of town, and we were so lucky to be able to rent a villa on the outskirts of town that had many bedrooms as well as a full kitchen. We cooked the entire time we were there which allowed us to save money on meals. For entertainment we all played games together with the kids. It was an experience to remember. Vacation homes are great for traveling in large groups as well as extended vacations where you know you will be spending a few more days and want to be more comfortable. If you don’t want to deal with hotel management, or if you want an experience that you control from the time you arrive until the time you leave, then you need to rent a vacation home. Check out sites like for nice travels.

The needs of traveling individuals, couples and families change all the time. Perhaps you just need a single night to rest up for a long road trop. You can equally need a week’s stay with accommodations as if you were home. Of course, the more you need the more you will pay for. The types of rentals you might consider include a standard room, a hotel suite, or a vacation home.