When you think of your garage, do you cringe about what a mess it is? Even though you might use your garage as storage or a workspace, that doesn’t mean it has to be a mess. When you organize your things, you’ll find that you can find the things you need faster and get more work done. Here are some easy ways to organize your garage.

Use Shelving

Shelving is one of the most affordable and quickest ways to help fix organizational problems in your garage. If you have smaller items, such as screws or work gloves, that might get lost on the shelf, then perhaps use bins or buckets in which you place the items on the shelving units.

If you have heavy items that you want to put on the shelves, such as large tools are food storage, then you’ll likely want to consider investing in metal racks Baytown TX. Depending on the racks you buy, you could find that each shelf can hold around 600 to 750 pounds.

Use the Ceiling

When you think of organizing your garage, you likely don’t think about using the ceiling, but it’s one of the best storage spaces in a garage. You can buy overhead storage racks that are specifically used to hang from your ceiling, so you don’t have to lose precious square footage in your garage from other storage methods. Overhead storage is often most helpful for items you don’t access all the time, whether it’s holiday decorations or old tax paperwork you can’t shred just yet.

Use Hooks

Sometimes you have things that won’t fit on a shelving unit, but you don’t want them just leaning up against a wall. In those instances, you should invest in some study hooks that you screw into a stud in the wall of your garage. You can use them to hang bicycles up out of the way or get specifically designed hooks to keep shovels, rakes, and other yard tools organized.

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