Quality real estate agents are great resources whether you are selling or buying a home Lakewood WA. However, there are a few things you can do to get the best sale price for your home.

Setting Your Price

Homeowners have a tendency to get emotional when selling their homes. Unfortunately, this leads to overpricing. In addition, they may not want to invest any money into the home to get the best price, even if it needs simple, inexpensive cosmetic changes.

When pricing your home, consider surveying the market. Determine your home’s value by reviewing sales of similar homes in comparable neighborhoods. Make sure the home size, condition and construction are similar to yours. Also, look at houses that didn’t sell to determine if pricing was the issue. Then, consider pricing your home 15-20% lower to encourage multiple offers and bidding wars. If you can get a number of people bidding on your home, you can easily make over the fair market value.

Choosing Your Agent

Your real estate agent will typically earn a 5-6% commission for selling your home. A reputable agent will listen to your wants and needs and truly work for you. They will put your needs ahead of their own. They will also tell you what repairs or upgrades will increase your home’s value and get you a higher price. They also understand the market and can help you price your home properly.

Get referrals and check agents’ references. Make sure they are listening to you and have the time and resources to take on your home sale. Make sure your agent uses technical tools to help them get your house sold.

Preparing Your Home

You can increase your sale price by filling all the holes in your walls and giving your home a fresh coat of paint. You may also upgrade light fixtures and landscaping. You only want to do minor upgrades unless major structural work is necessary.

Stage your home with half-empty closets, minimal furniture and lots of light.

Get the best price for your home by working with a quality realtor.


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