Burley, named after a Cassia Creek, is a fantastic city that lies partly in Minidoka and Cassia Counties, thus the name Mini-Cassia. The city was founded in 1905 and became a county seat for Cassia County in 1918.  The history of Burley can be traced back to the Oregon Trail migration.

The manufacturing sector in Burley employs the highest number of people, followed by retail trade and health care. However, the most highly paying sectors are transportation and warehousing and public administration.

The city of Burley has tons of outdoor activities in addition to its rich history and culture. This aspect makes Burley homes highly attractive and demanded by citizens from other US counties and also foreigners. Below are some historical facts about the formation of Burley that are only known to a few people.

  1. It is the Third-Largest City in Idaho

Burley comes third after Twin Falls and Jerome. During the previous US census in 2010, Burley had a population of 10,345. 49.6% of the population was male, while 50.4% were female. The population was slightly lower than Jerome, which had a population of 10,890.

  1. It is a Semi-Arid Area

Burley experiences icy winters as well as hot, dry summers. Also, the area experiences high-speed wind from time to time. Previously, the winds caused a lot of destruction to farmers after it blew inappropriate pesticides to their farms.

  1. It is home to the Famous Spudman Triathlon

Spudman Triathlon is a family-friendly event that brings together diverse people from all over the US. The event, which is hosted by Burley Lions Club, happens annually on the last Saturday of July. Usually, it is characterized by 1.5K swimming in the well popular Snake River. You will also enjoy a bike ride of 40K as well as a run of 10K run in the countryside of Burley. Registration for any interested parties opens at noon on 1st January every year.

  1. It Has Been Hosting Idaho Regatta for Decades Now

Idaho Regatta is famous in the US, and it is part of a seven-race competition circuit for speed boats. It is exclusively held in Burley every year in June. The competition takes place in the Snake River for three consecutive days.

Some of the races featured are Pro Stocks, Super Stocks, Pro Stocks, Comp Jets, Grand Nationals, and Sportsman.

  1. It Has Had a Series of Fire Breakouts in the Past

The most famed fire destruction happened in 1973, bringing Burley Junior High School to ashes. Another major fire occurred in 1968, destroying the Overland Shopping Center.

  1. It is the Principle City of Idaho Micropolitan Statistical Area

Burley alone does not form the mini-cassia. Instead, it has collaborated with Rupert city to form the mini-cassia in southern Idaho. The area has tons of outdoor activities such as hiking trails, mountain biking, rock climbing, camping, snowmobiling, and also four-wheeling.

As such, it is a fantastic place to live. Contact mini-cassia real estate for amazing offers on land, houses, and rentals.

  1. It is Part of the Mini-Cassia Area of Southern Idaho

Burley alone does not form the mini-cassia. Instead, it has collaborated with Rupert city to form the mini-cassia in southern Idaho.

In conclusion, Burley is a fantastic place to visit or live. There is more to the above facts so, make a point of visiting the place.